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Hinduism was never a preaching / aggressive religion like Islam or Christianity. Hinduism is a combination of various pious Sampradayas (Spiritual Lineages / Faiths) and is against the tenets of unethical activities/violence, or encroachment onto neighboring countries/lands. This being so, foreign invaders of Islam and then Christianity encroached onto the lands of India and plundered its riches and culture with their cunning tactics of 'divide and rule' (which is an inherent nature of those foreign cultures).

The current situation in India is that Hinduism is being attacked from all sides and including even by the government. While the Mosques and Churches can be used by their preachers, Temples cannot be used by the Hindu preachers as they are under the control of government. The major portions of Temple earnings go to the government under the Endowment Act and are being used to provide subsidies for Muslims and Christians to travel to their holy places (which are not even in India), and Hindus are shot dead or arrested for going to their own holy places within India.

In light of the above and the recent atrocities on Hindus in Kerala, and considering the conversion of Hindus by Islam and Christianity to their faith by unethical preaching methods/tactics, Hindu Aikya Vedi has sprung-up in the year 1992 to protect the Hindus, Temples and the culture, and has formed as a platform to represent all the Hindu organizations.

Hindu Aikya Vedi is now well known over the state of Kerala for their successful achievements in the recent past. We are conducting multiple awareness camps/events across all the districts of Kerala and staged numerous protests against the atrocities on Hindus / Temples. We request all our readers to participate in this movement and contribute funds to make our mission successful.

Contact Us:
Hindu Aikya Vedi,
Samanwaya Bhavan,
Kottaykkakam PO (Fort),
Kerala 695023, IN

Phone: 91-471-2572400
Email: office@hinduaikyavedi.org, havkerala@gmail.com

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