Tuesday, 4 June, 2013

Shri S Sethumadhavan, Akhil Bharateeya Karyakari Sadasya, Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Shri A M Krishnan, Kshetriya Sareerik Pramukh, Kerala and Tamilnadu, accompanied by senior state leaders visiting the Wetlands and river filled in the name of an airport at Aranmula. They also interacted with the landless poor settled at the site. The team also assessed the preparedness of the agitation at Aranmula after a series of meetings.

Aranmula is heading for a crucial count down as the land mafia that was having their field day across Kerala are at last pinned down. A consolidation unseen in Kerala so far has emerged and the new phase will have historic implications. Apart from the Hindu organizations, the patriotic others including the left front parties have come together. Major Hindu organizations have consented to send in people in case of a conflict, so also Hindu organizations in neighboring states. The temple town and the Hindu community in Aranmula, in a sea of Christian encroachments, are ready for a major battle. 

The Kerala Congress, Party of the Christian community, in this case Joseph group, started the confrontation in Aranmula. They bought up large areas of Puncha lands and then started filling it, even a river was filled crushing a hill. Abraham Kalamannil, a local foreign funded man and Kerala Congress leader in front, it was part of an agenda of land captures and take over of Hindu lands. Most of the Hindu lands have been captured by the Christian community in Pathanamthitt in the last fifty years. When people of Aranmula opposed the criminal act they were persecuted by this man, Kerala Congres then part of the ruling LDF. But several cases were filed, the group was caught in cases, and at last when violently opposed by local people he came out with the new idea of an airport, development. 

The clever ploy helped save him for now and shift the focus from the crimes. They also managed to get a notification passed, illegally, signed only by a Secretary and reportedly without cabinet approval. But the people refused to give in to his gimmicks and the agitation was taken up by the RSS, CPIM, CPI, RSP other political parties. With a history sheet of illegal land encroachments this lobby of Kerala Congress banner are behind encroachment of thousands of hectares of forests all over the western ghats in Kerala, also in Tamilnadu and Karnataka borders. They are also the force behind encroachments on vast areas of tribal lands, desperate tribals unable to counter the clever and at times brutal evil forces. Using their clout in politics and government they have bypassed even the central government laws, like the 1975 Act for restoration of tribal lands. 

Seen as a whole the past and existing purchase of Hindu lands all over Kerala has come to be a silent war. The large population of Hindus displaced are settled at various places in India, eking out a living from various vocations. Kerala has slowly drifted to the capital rich minority and they are now flexing muscles. The Kerala minority of Christians and Muslims claim favors from colonial ideas of preferential treatment and even in this they don't qualify to be a minority as they are above 20 percent of the population. The silent majority, graceful people who once gave asylum to refugees from various parts of the world are now in a corner. The Aranmula agitation is to be a watershed and the gearing up for a show off is going on. The land of farmers, farm hands, boat men, the temple town of Aranmula Appan, may see a reversal of the story. Ultimate victory is always for dharma.    


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