Saturday, 12 January, 2013


First of all my whole hearted wishes for the Conference of Hindu Aikya Vedi to be held on April 2013. But, the need of this century is not just conferences which is of no much use as it is just not practical. All of them speaks that Hindus must unite and all are one but after the conference people all go behind castes. Even today caste system is going in full strength in the minds of people. Statistically Hindus account for about a only small percentage around the world, but that percentage will still go down because of the caste system prevailed in India especially in Kerala. See the Muslims, all are one and so is their growth. Here Nair, Ezhava two major population in Kerala is still staying behind eachother. If atleast they unite Hinduism will rise to greater heights. Will all castes under Hindu community be willing to have marriages between? If not it is clear that all are giving much importance to caste rather than religion, also there is only very little relevance for all this conferences. People should be made aware that there is nothing scientific in caste system, it is just the peoples mentality that should change. By just seeing if we cant tell ones caste then what is its value? All should think about this.

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