Tuesday, 6 December, 2011

Safety of Ayyappa devotees from Tamilnadu - Responsibility of Hindu organisations in Kerala

Mullaperiyar: There  are  unconfirmed  reports that Tamil pilgrims  to   Sabarimala  are targeted    by   Mullaperiyar activists in Kerala.
All Hindu  organisations in  Kerala should step up vigil and never  let any   Anti  Nationals     or  Miscreants to touch Ayyappa devotees, if the reports  are true.As pointed out earlier , Mulla Periyar issue has  been always raised during Sabarimala Pilgrimage time and fades away after that.
 It is a  known fact    that   there are  many enemies of Sabarimala    who  cannot digest  this fact that Hindus across the country share same feelings and devotion for Lord Ayyappa. 

Such crooked elements will always try to  sabotage   this Hindu unity. It is the sole responsibility of Hindu organisations and Hindus in Kerala to make sure no untoward incidents happen in the name of Mullaperiyar against Ayyappa devotees from Tamilnadu. 


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