Friday, 16 December, 2011



International Conference of Viswa Hindu Parishad has commenced with all its richness at the Pavakulam Temple premises, Kochi today the 16th December 2011. It has been initiated with the worshiping of the sacred cow. The delegates have been received by the members of “Mathrusakthi” with traditional Thalapoli.

The function begun with reciting the Manthras from Vedas and lighting of the sacred lamp by VHP National president Sri. Ashok Singalji. In his Inaugural address Sri. Singhalji has emphasized the fact that though there are different subgroups within the Hindu society, there is no difference in their religious outlook. Kerala is a land of Temples and people from all sets visit the temples without any difference. Sabarimala
is a clear example of religious harmony. More than five crore of people visit the temple every year. But when it comes to political scenario, Hindu society is divided and the same is being exploited by other religions for their benefits at the cost of our downfall.

Sri. Singhalji was recollecting the words of one of the Senior judges of Supreme Court that most of the land in south kerala is controlled by the Christians and north Kerala is by Muslims. Hence the Hindus may have to lookup for their survival.

The message from Matha Amruthanandamayi Devi was read by Swamy Thapasyamrutha. In Amma’s message it has been stressed that Hindu Community had courageously overcome many of the hurdles till date. Our great Gurus and Saints could gave proper guidance and strength to overcome most of the hurdles at the time of need. The present problem of Hindu religion is their ignorance about the real meaning, values and the richness of the Hindu thought. This handicap can be rectified only by giving continuous value added education.

Justice Ramachandran, Chairman reception committee presided over the function. General outlook about the Kerala History to enlighten the delegates from different parts of India was given by Sri. K.K.Pillai Vice President VHP. Sri. M.B. Vijayakumar General Convenor reception committee, introduced the national leaders to the audience. Welcome address was by the State VHP Teasurer Sri. K.P. Narayanan. The books Hyndhava Keralam, Veerasoorasenanikal and Kargil War heros authored by Sri. Mohan Joshi have been released by Sri. Ashok Singhal.

Sri. Praveen Thogadia, Sri. K.V.Madanan, Sri. Dinesh Chandra, Sri. S. Vedantham, Sri. Raghava Reddi, Rajamatha Chandrakantha Devi of Vijayanagara kingdom etc were
on the dias. RSS State Sangachalak Sri. P.E.B. Menon, Prasanth Pracharak Sri. P.R.
Sasidharan, BJP State President Sri . Muraleedharan, Hindu Aikyavedi Gen. Secretary
Sri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Sri. E.S. Biju, Balagokulam State Organizer Sri. M.A.
Krishnan, Sri. R. Venugopal, former BMS President and many other well known personalities were present on the occasion.



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