Saturday 1 January 2011


Paranjadellam Satyam..Hinduvinte nasathinu karanam hindu thanne. Bharathathile oro hinduvinum edil pankundu..Oro hiduvum (njanum,ningalum ellam) edinu utharavadikalanu..Ennu nammude nadinte nasathinte karanavum edu thanneyanu..Unarnnu pravarthikuvanakade kailkal bandhikkapetta e avasthayil nilkunna hindu mathathe rakshikuvan, adinu vendadu cheyyuvan e nattile oro hinduvum badhyastharanu..Ellayenkil swantham kunjungale kurichorthu kannuneerozhukkunna achanammamarude ennam enim nammude nattil vardhikkum..Adu padilla..anuvathikkarudu..thadayitte madiyaku..athinayi namukku ottakkettayi pravarthikkam..Varum thalamurayude bhavikkayi, nalla nalekkayi Unarnnu pravarthikku.. JAI BHARATH MATHA... "BHARATH MATHA KI JAI..."

Unfortunately Majority of Hindus been forced to third class citizens of India, Which is the product of 200 years of plane of British to systamatically make India a slave country, so they were able to take the great wealth of India without much opposition and they succeeded. After independence the masters changed but everything else is same or worse. India has to wake up, for that Hindus must wake up, for that India need people like Sasikala Teacher. Sasikala Teacher is the most power full female i heard from Kerala who speaks the truth without fear. Her understanding of true history of India and Kerala is amazing. I wish the people those who love India, specially Kerala regardless of religion and politics would understand her. I am proud of Her being a Malayalee.

Moonji poyallo Sasikala

In Kerala the police has not found any evidence of any organisation using men “feigning love” to lure your women to convert to Islam. Though Muslim organisations in Keralahave denied that such allegations to be true, the intelligence agency decided to inquire into the matter. Petitions were also submitted before the High court seeking intelligence investigation regarding the fake propaganda. DGP had earlier informed the court that Love Jihad was a campaign with no substance and that legal legal proceeding should be initiated against the website for spreading religious hatred and false propaganda.

The site however continued with their fake propaganda. It is under these circumstances that the investigation was handed over to the cyber police. After 1 year investigation the probe report was submitted before the Thiruvananthapuram CJM court.

Hinduism has to be revived. Hindus live in confusion. God and Cosmos we cannot reach, We don't need Human Gods, but we need Gurus with authentic knowledge. More such Gurus have to come to teach the importance of Hinduism as Mother of all religions. Hindus live in discipline and do celebrations with family and they are successful for unity in diversities. Thanks Ma Sudevi for your best service to convey the great knowledge of Vedic culture and traditions as " Sanatana Dharma ". Hindu Religion is not against any other religion. Hindus in Bharat did not invade any country and the religion became strong with all its freedom of thoughts. Feed the poor humans and make them happy, then we become Shiva, that is our enlightenment. All can become Gods when theya re divine. God is present every where in the minute atom and it is in ' Poornwatha state ' , " Completions of Advaita " . Hindus know better , the great truth of God Almighty and Cosmos. Therefore Hinduism becomes the best Religion in the world. Explore more as much as possible to make completions in every walk of our life to a great sucees before leaving from earth as " an enlightened soul " . Namasthe !

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