Saturday, 1 October, 2011

Following is from TOI Reports on Bharatpur Jihadi Riot

Source: TOI

Nine people -- three in police firing and the rest in clashes -- were killed when Meo Muslims and Gujjars clashed over a graveyard land in Gopalgarh village.

"It was found that the imam was responsible for issuing inflammatory statements from the mosque through a loudspeaker. We have booked him and others for promoting enmity between the groups on communal grounds," said Sunil Dutt, inspector general of police, on Saturday.

Just like any other riot – This time as well the Jihadis were the instigators . Whether in Maradu in Kerala or Bharatpur in Rajastan – The Mosques in the area had always been the epic centre of any Jihadi riot.

Apart from the 5 times a day Noise Pollution, The loudspeakers in these Mosques were often used to incite Jihadis against Kafirs.While Anti National Intellectuals were drafting Communal Violence Bill aimed at targetting Hindus, These Jihadis were sharpening their swords against the Hindu lame ducks.  


Sir, I have got a feeling that we are not well informed about the Communal Violence bill.Wherever I contacted Hindu people about the impending danger to this so called majority community by passing this bill in p'ment,most of them are not aware.Hindu Aikyavedi should take initiative to conduct awareness group meetings in all nook n corner of Kerala.Ask politicians in all parties to express their opinions about this bill openly. Compel media to react.Pl do some thing to propagate widely this issue. NP

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