Wednesday, 12 October, 2011

10,000 people re-converted to Hindu Dharma

10,000 Hindus converted to other religions, re-convert to Hindu Dharma in the presence of Jagatguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj in Dhule district

Do not repeat the folly of renouncing Hindu Dharma ! – Jagatguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj

Ratnagiri (Maharashtra): Principles of Hindu Dharma are supreme. Do not repeat the folly of renouncing Hindu Dharma. The above guidance was given by Jagatguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj. In the presence of Maharaj, 10,000 Hindus, who had converted to other religions, today re-converted to Hindu Dharma in a program held at Pimpalner in Dhule District. The program was attended by dignitaries like Sri Sri 1008 Mangal Peethadhishwar Mahant Shri. Madhavacharya Maharaj, Yogesh Bhoye, MLA, Balasaheb Choure, former MP and number of religious leaders, Saints and office bearers of pro-Hindu organizations. Vedashastra-sampanna Bhalachandra Shauche Guruji performed the duty of priest for the function.

Hindus should first understand Hindu Dharma !

Jagatguru Narendracharya ji Maharaj said further, “All moral values will be eliminated if Hindu Dharma is eliminated. We talk about ‘Shravan’ and neglect our parents. This is the effect of our drifting apart from our culture. Hindus should first try to understand their Dharma; forget communal differences and realizing the danger of conversion, need to be alert.”

So far 1, 21,408 Hindus converted to other religions have been re-converted to Hindu Dharma !

After re-conversion of 10,000 converted Hindus in today’s program, Jagatguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj has, so far, re-converted 1, 21, 408 Hindus back to Hindu Dharma.


Great work..hats off 2 u..swamiji

thats good.. but may i know in which caste they will be known ? casteless ?!!

will they become Brahmins? Will this Swamiji share his plate with them? Whom u r foolling about???

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