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Communal attack on Minorities in Bangladesh on 03.09.11-- Hindu Deities demolished--asking them to become Muslim through Loud speaker.

SEP 16, 2011
From: Rabindra Ghosh
Sent: 14 September 2011 15:56
To: Rabindra Ghosh
Subject: Investigative Report of BDMW on communal attack on Minorities in Bangladesh on 03.09.11- Hindu Deities demolished- asking them to become Muslim through Loud speaker.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) investigated an unprecedented attack on seven Minority Hindu families asking them to become Muslim throwing Hindu scriptures and to read “Koran”- Hindu Goddess destroyed and desecrated, belongings looted, children and women molested on 3rd September, 2011 at Debiddar –Comilla District of Bangladesh,

I, Adv.Rabindra Ghosh along with Shymol Roy of BDMW visited the spot at Bhani (Uttarpara) of Debiddar Upazila of Comilla District on 09.09.2011 at about 12 p.m. as per appeal of the victims and met with them, talked with them; saw and took pictures the desecrated temple and broken Hindu deities outside the houses. Many witnesses including non Hindus deposed that more than 200 Muslim outsiders with deadly weapon attacked the houses of minority Hindu houses, demolished deities thereon, and looted valuables amounting to Taka 1 billion and broken valuables glasses and TV sets, looted ornaments. Some of the witnesses disclosed that three women have been molested and their one child Deb Chandra Das aged about 1 year 6 months was abducted for ransom and for forged conversion. Ms. Lovely Rani informed us that some attackers snatched away “GITA” from the possession of the victim’s prayer room and gave them a “KORAN” and some Islamic books to read instead of reading “GITA”. The perpetrators also announced injunction thorough loud speaker (mike) declaring that within a week all the members of seven Hindu families should be converted to Islam in the name of Allah. As soon as the threatened women victims conceded as per directives of attackers thereafter they have been released from wrongful confinement. During our investigation one Mr. Mizan- Inspector of Police and one Mr.Shah Kamal - Sub Inspector of Police of Debiddar police station with two constables were present. I also informed the police that the incident took place was not incorporated in the FIR as alleged; some of the incidents have been suppressed due to further atrocities. Soon after the incident the Deputy Commissioner, Comilla, Additional Superintendent of Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police visited the spot on the next day. Police has been deployed for the safety and security of those families. Police also arrested only one perpetrator out of several. Police also informed us that some looted materials have been recovered from the possession of perpetrators. Police also did not want to say that this incident is a religious attack . They want to say this a political attack. But the women and children of those felt shame to disclose their dreadful experiences of atrocities on them because within a span of time police and other law enforcing agencies will be inattentive and further attack might be there.

The horrible incident has been published in most of national dailies : “ The daily Janakantha dated 4th September,11, The daily Ittefaq dated, 4th September,11, the daily “Jugantor” dated 4th September,11, the daily “Kaler Kantha” dated 4dated 4th September,11, the daily “Sangbad” dated 4th September,11 and the daily “Jai Jai Din dated 4th September,2011.

Facts of the case:

Soon after the Eid festival concludes on 03.09.2011 at about 8 A.M. in Bangladesh more than 200 Muslim attackers assembled unlawfully equipped with deadly weapons at the houses of seven peaceful Hindu families for rioting at village-Bhani ( Uttarpara) of Debiddar Upazila of Comilla District. The attackers created havoc with common object started to break doors of Hindu deities, cut their heads with anger thereby injuring and defiling place of worship, wrongfully confined Hindu inmates of the houses and started to loot belongings worth about Taka one billion including TV sets, freeze, golden ornaments, Steel materials etc. They rioters also caused damage of properties to the amount of Taka 25, 00,000/-As a result of such rioting; looting women and children have been seriously injured. Even no injured persons were allowed to take any medical treatment from the local Hospital. Attackers attempted to commit murder abducting minor children. Three women have been molested during affray. Mr. Sawpan Das lodged first information report (FIR) at Debiddar Police station on 03.09.2011 being case No. 05 dated 03.09.2011 under section 147/148/149/447/449/380/379/427/323/307/295/304 of Bangladesh Penal code against 18 perpetrators and unknown 150-200 attackers.

Date of occurrence: 3rd of September, 2011
Date of investigation: 9th of September, 1011
Place of occurrence: Within the homestead of 7 (seven) Hindu families at Bhani (Uttarpara) Debiddar.

Name of Hindu victims injured during attack: -

1) Ms. Lovely Rani Das (45)
2) Ms. Rinku Rani Das (40)
3) Ms. Pinki Rani Das (32)
4) Ms. Priya Rani Das (9)
5) Dev Chandra Das ( one year 9 months ) and more others.

Name of the Perpetrators:

1) Mohammad Solaiman Meah (32) son of late Ali Meah
2) Masum Billa (40) son of Moulana Ruhul Quddus.
3) Harun-ar-Rashid (50) son of late Junab Ali Sarkar
4) Humayun Kabir (36) son of late Abdul Malek
5) Tazul Islam (50) son of Mozaffar Hossain
6) Wasim Meah (30) son of not known
7) Mohammad Quaium Meah (26) son of late Nekbar Ali
8) Mohammad Nurul Islam (43) son of late Ali Meah
9) Mohammad Ruhul Ameen (45) son of Ayub Ali
10) Mohammad Shikdar Hossain (30) son of late Farid Meah
11) Mokbul Hossain (45) son of not known
12) Mostafa Kamal (32) son of late Abdus Samad
13) Shah Jahan Meah (35) son of late Sultan Meah
14) Mohammad Mofiz Meah (40) son of not known
15) Mohammad Abdul Motaleb (30) son of Nekbar Ali
16) Bhuttu Meah (30) son of late Zulfu Meah
17) Sumon Hazari (30) son of Abu Taher Hazari
18) Abu Meah (40) son of late Zulfu Meah AND more 150-200 unknown attackers.

Findings: -

The barbarous attack on the minority families at broad day light in Bangladesh at Debiddar Upazila is no doubt a communal attack only with a view to wipe out the minorities from the area and also for ethnic cleansing. The perpetrators of heinous crime against humanity should be brought to book as per law of the land. But the show and mode of action of police till writing of this report is very inadequate. During our investigation at spot the molested women were crying for justice and we found them more traumatized. Police also suppressed the material facts of sexual harassment and abduction of a baby who was later on returned after having commitment to become Muslim. In such a situation administration should come forward for the protection of their religion, right to live, right to property and right to dignity. This type of violation against personal integrity might render the minorities to leave their homeland without any intervention. So, in our opinion the minorities should be protected and the attackers responsible for such occurrence should be punished.Urgent action solicited.
Documents: 1) Copy of FIR
2) Investigative report
3) Photos of destruction of deities and houses.
4) News papers clippings of different dailies.

Investigation report prepared by and submitted by:
(Adv.Rabindra Ghosh)
Founder President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Bholagiri Trust, Sutrapur P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh


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