Friday, 30 September, 2011


The interim Military administration in Bangladesh was established to uphold the rule of law and punish the corrupt practices by the previous administrations, but the local administration of this military junta is acting against the rule of law and continuing with the persecution of minorities.

On 13 February 2007, without any legal authority, the local military administration proceeded to demolish the "Sree Sree Bhabani" Hindu Temple at Bhabhanipur sherpur in the district of Bogra. This demolition was even carried out against the judicial ruling given on 13 August 2005 in the court of Mohamed Atigur Rehman, Joint District Judge who had passed a decree under suit no. 39 of 2002 that the property comprising 17.31 acres of the above temple was not government land, but was a "Debotter" property of the Deity. Any disposal deed by the Administration will thus be illegal and void.

Mr. Robindra Ghosh, President of the Human Rights for Bangladesh Minorities, an NGO with consultative status within the UNO, had intervened in order to have the property restored to the temple authorities and had reported the matter to the local police station which took no remedial action. On further perusal of the matter by Mr. Ghosh, Col. Mostifizur Rehman of Bogra district had telephoned Mr. Ghosh and warned him not to interfere with the action of the local administration. Subsequent to that the local adminstration have filed a false case of anti-state activities against Mr. Ghosh and have issued orders for his arrest.

Hindu Council UK is appalled at the treatment of Hindu minorities and the false charge of the anti-state activities against Mr. Robindra Ghosh, who has always worked for the rights of all minorities in Bangladesh, and demands that the judicial system of the country should take cognizance of the matter to intervene and restore the property to the temple and vacate the false charges against Mr. Ghosh.

Hindu Council UK believes that the predatory elements in certain religions if left unchallenged, will continue their relentless path of destruction of God's diverse creation and it appeals to the UN to protect the human rights of the Bangladeshi minorities: Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Ahmedhia Muslims.


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